Nextscripts API

I purchased this new snap api plugin 2 weeks ago. It does not work as promised! In fact it won’t work at all. The company messages you back very fast when trying to get you to buy it, then no support or help comes! I used the first version of this plugin for over a year and loved it. Purchase the api they came up with and it doesnt work. Message on facebook, fb busines page, many emails and 3 support tickets on the website. Not getting any help! So sad because i had alot of trust in next scripts!! 🙁 before the owner was always responsive, stood behind this software and always helped… he seemed to of disappeared and many customers abanded….

Amazon Developer Account

I just signed up a week ago for the amazon developer account with the amazon developer portal to make android apps for the amazon app store. My tax idenity was verified and everything, I went in today to log in and upload some of my apps, and my account has been banned! I did not get any email or any kind of notification about this. This is my first account and I have been banned, I did nothing wrong and I feel this is VERY unfair!

Amazon it seems like is turning into Nazi-amazon! Beware when you make an amazon developer account they will just close it anytime for any reason! totally not faiir, and there is no way to contact developer support either!