682-514-3374 dog buyer scammer

This person is texting us wanting to buy a puppy we raise. They are clearly up to to trying to scam us. Anytime someone wants to mail a check like this. Doesn’t even know if the puppy is a boy or a girl. Didn’t ask for info. Didn’t ask for pictures. Making up odd story. It’s fake. Posting screenshots on this post! Be aware

Mobile applications development spam 612-293-0585

Will not stop calling me daily!!! Leave a voicemail in my phone daily! I blocked the number they still call and leave voicemails daily! I do not want what your selling. No one is going to buy anything from you when you harassing them non stop for months everyday! So stupid I can’t believe it!
This is the number 612-293-0585
It shows up as Minnesota number but clearly some guy from India so I think it’s a fake number

Look at the image I’m adding to show just a few days worth of voicemails! All i can fit in one screenshot!

This is freaking annoying!!!

If you see this. Stop calling me!

My number is 833-7565

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  • : USA

Artfire has horrible asshole customer service. As someone who is a successful seller on Etsy, I wanted to branch out and try othe things. Two months ago I signed up for which says is the top best place to sell items, they are missing so many features. They do not even have a personalization box for customers to fill out when placing custom orders Plus they charged me 35 dollars to sign up then it’s like another 5 per mont after that and then money on my sales. I have tried to open PayPal disputes. I have tried to contact the company via Facebook and email. They are rude non stop and keep saying I have to remove my 1 listing (which by the way was up for a month and only 93 people seen it with a sale) high seller everywhere else I have it listed. Artfire is like a ghost town and they want you to treat them and their service like a king when they talk to you like dirt! Well artfire. I will get my money back i one way or another and I will make sure that everyone knows how you Really are and how you really treat people! Your assholes and your service sucks! Improve your service, stop charging so much, and treat people the right way and you won’t have these problems! You rolled the dice on the wrong person

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Domain: Phone Number: +1-855-698-3241

This scam company deserves #1 on the wall of shame right now.

This scam company has been operating for a while, previously they have sent a lawyer to my house & tried obtaining details of users from & the Discord server TLS Community.

People of interest: Raman Roy, Wesley Mullen, Joe Bursky.

Their lawyer Wesley Mullen denies that the company is a scam (he’s their lawyer so yeah obviously he will defend them). We have a large amount of proof that they are a scam, including my video exposing their fake MyFasterPC application, to their application which shows you fake generic errors & to call their support to fix the none existent problems.

This company needs to be shut down, but their domain registrar GoDaddy doesn’t seem to care at all about their scam operations.

Comment any other information you want to expose these criminals.

Phone Number: +1-855-698-3241

More information on the wiki

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Murry’s made me sick (columbia, MO)

I ate there last night. 8/16/18 AND GOT SICK!. Let me tell you why. This place seems to think more is more and not less is more. Everything was just butter soaked in butter and it came with a bowel of butter to dip that in. You can squeeze the butter out of the bread. They seemed to take their more is more ideas from the butter soup you food comes in. To the lighting. It was sooooo dark. Really it was like being in a mine shaft with lights strung up ever 15 feet. The only time they didn’t take the more is more idea was in the food portions. The size it ok. But if you order a chicken pesto. That is what you get. 3 chunks of butter soaked under-cooked chicken with 6 spoon fulls of butter pesto per chunk. NO SIDES. all side cost more. My girlfriend got the salmon. so the just brought her out 1 flank of butter cooked salmon..

  • : columbia
  • : missouri
  • : united states sucks!! sucks!!
Customer support is rude and talks to you like your an idiot. I refuse to pay 20 dollars a month for a shit service that takes my money. Treats me badly, and then wants you to log in 5 times a day to boost your posts!! Grrr!! It used to be good but not now!!! We use the free options now and have better luck & and Facebook groups work better and are free!

fake puppy scam

i run a website where people can sell dogs online, I found out they were using my website and were posting scams for fake dogs which I do not tolerate, not sure how they planned to get away with this… Below is the email that I sent to their email they had on account with all the many things they have done wrong as well as raised many red flags for us to look into it! Be aware!

We are sorry to inform you this, however you account on our website is being permanently banned for suspicious activity/scam matters. Your listings appear to have pictures pulled from popular search engines, your phone number has been flagged multiple times for selling fake dogs, your website address is not a real website, it is located on a free/very cheap hosting plan, all your puppy listings are based on different states, your websites does not include your name, no contact information because a contact form, your ip address is not anywhere near your advertised locations. When you sign up you agree to our terms and we do not put up with this kind of misleading information to scam people. Do not try to ever make a new account on our website, we keep personal relations with all the users on our website and scams/spam will not be tolerated.

this persons listed email

this persons listed phone number

this persons listed website

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Abd lhakime Samlali scammer
Abd lhakime Samlali
he is also on facebook, promises to get back your disabled facebook account within 3 days but does nothing and never answers! what a full on scam, this guy does NOTHING at all.
32 dollars, opened dispute on facebook and started saying i blocked him on facebook when he was trying to help which is total BS.


    this place offers promtions for facebook etc, its been 4 days since i purchased, they do not answer any support emails, I even opened a case against them for my purchase on facebook, they still are not answering! clear and total SCAM! do not purchase from fb added

    also i came across another website set up exactly like this one, same prices, same support emails and everything so this is a multiple website scam! BE AWARE!
    the other site is called
    likes bee is also a damn scam from the same person behind it all! watch out!

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